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About TOP

The central philosophy of The Olympic Principle states that one cannot fully provide the needs of ones body, mind, heart and spirit without financial support and stability. Members of The Olympic Principle enjoy this benefit. They are provided with money and protection to be able to soar high and live to the fullest and happiest.

As members of The Olympic Principle, they all share the benefit of earning PhP500,000 possibly within a month by simply paying the annual membership fee of PhP500 and looking for 5 friends who are also determined to earn half a million pesos!

But wait, there’s more – all members of The Olympic Principle are given PhP50,000 Personal Accident Insurance Coverage and PhP5,000 Burial Cash Assistance for one year from Pioneer Life, one of the country’s stable life insurance companies. Read more about Pioneer Life.

Our MLM and Compensation Plan

The Olympic Principle uses a matrix plan that is based around a compensation structure that has a set width and depth for which distributors are compensated. Although there are many variations to this compensation plan, the basic concept remains the same.

This basic MLM structure is usually identified by a simple equation that shows the full width and depth of the plan (width x depth). For instance, our 5 x 5 plan shows that you can only sponsor a maximum of 5 frontline distributors or members and you have the potential to earn incentive up to 5 levels deep. This is basically the reason why we said that it takes 5 of your friends (your frontline distributors) and your PhP500 membership fee to earn PhP500,000.

Now, since there is a limited width in our compensation structure/plan, your distributors are encouraged to assist their direct distributors – also known as downline members – to help their organization grow. Any new recruits that are sponsored after your first 5 is full will be automatically placed under one of your existing downline distributors. This process is also referred to as “spill over”. The main advantage of this process is that it builds an element of team work where some distributors within your organization can work together and mutually benefit, thus the spirit and principle of the Olympics live on.

TOP MLM and Compensation Plan